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Saturday, September 20, 2014
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119 Banff Avenue
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Banff, Alberta, Canada
Open 11 am - 1 am every day

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Not everyone gets to play at the Elk and Oarsman. 

The bands we feature come from diverse backgrounds and from all over the country. 

Some stop by while they're on tour and others make the trip just to entertain you.

Here are the groups currently scheduled to play and links to videos of other groups that have played in the past.

Showtime begins at 10pm until closing. 

Come in and listen to some quality entertainment!

Click on the images to read more about the bands and to watch their videos!

 If your group would like to be featured at our pub, contact us here.

Tanner James - September 23 Minimize

Go For The Eyes - September 24th Minimize

Kevin Roy - September 28th Minimize

Lou Rye - October 3rd and 4th Minimize

Devon Coyote - October 8th and 9th Minimize

The Electric Pussy Explosion - Sept 21 Minimize

JJ Shiplett - September 24th Minimize

Dylan Stone Band - September 27th Minimize

Keith Hallet - October 5th Minimize

Adrien Woods
Adrien Woods


Most of Adrien Woods' songs are written based on personal experience.  He draws from a range of influences to paint an emotional picture of what he feels at the time of writing the song.  He's written a number of songs over the years during his time playing in various bands like Triple Threat, Thunderbone, and Famous Monsters.  

The group projects, at the time, were not cohesive for many of those originals.  A number of the tunes were written to be performed acoustically and as the material stacked up he decided it was time to scale things back to basics and perform some solo acoustic shows.  Along with his original songs, he has been working some classics into the sets by a few artists that have lent influence such as Neil Young, The Black Crowes, The Rolling Stones, etc. 

Brad Brewer
Brad Brewer


Brad is a Singer/Songwriter and Entertainer from Toronto, Canada currently residing in Banff, Alberta out in the Canadian Rockies.


"Pick it up and Play it" Rock

Artists We Also Like

The Strumbellas, Poor Young Things, Elk Run & Riot


Acoustic & Electric Pub Rock


Brad Brewer-Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Stompbox, Foot Tamborine, Harmonicas, Various Percussion....All at once.
Zoltán Varga-Bass Master


The Strumbellas, The Black Keys, The Watchmen, Robin Trower, Mumford and Sons, The Lumineers, Presidents of the United States of America....anything that make you tap your toe!

Current Location

The Great Canadian Rockies...(Banff)

Classy Chassys
Classy Chassys

The Classy Chassys, are a Saskatoon based Rockabilly band. What is rockabilly you may ask…People tend to think Elvis, Johnny Cash and other 50s artists. However the group’s various influences of rock and roll, punk, blues, jazz and more combine to create a high energy, hard hitting sound, leaving you with visions of bands like Flogging Molly, Rancid, and AC/DC. With an emphasis on an explosive live show, guitarist/singer Matt Joyal, upright bassist Dan Neumeier, Saxophonist Kenny Martelli, and drummer Luke Saretsky prove that this ain’t just 50’s music anymore. The Classy Chassys have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with many great acts including Saskatoon’s own The Sheepdogs and One Bad Son. After releasing their debut album Ain’t No Thang in the spring of 2013, they have since joined forces with Danny Craig of Default to produce a new EP which will be recorded in Vancouver later this year. Watch for The Classy Chassys, sure to be running through your town soon, doing their thang…continuing to put the rock in rockabilly, and to do it With Class!.

Devon Coyote
Devon Coyote

Devon Coyote is a multi-instrumentalist gunslinger with an infectious sound. He’s a passionate player and the fun he is having spreads like wildfire into the hearts of every crowd. He is a quickly emerging Canadian artist, who is jamming with colleagues to create the best and most inspired music. It breeds a free flow style that adapts to diverse environments and promotes live connection with any given audience. It is a rollicking good time with a revolving door of talented musicians backing Devon Coyote, and live performances range from acoustic singer/ songwriter/stomp-box style to full band rock and roll. Think Dave Matthews meets Pearl Jam, John Mayer solos, Ben Harper lap-steel slide guitar, and the salty swagger of Gary Clark Jr.

Devon Coyote released his first album ‘Blue, Back and Grey’ in September of 2011. His much-anticipated follow-up album is due out this spring and he is excited to share some new killer tracks. His lively sound, loyal fans, and extensive touring have earned him stage rights to perform with Juno Award winners Alex Cuba, Dan Mangan, Amelia Curren, Said The Whale, The Sheepdogs and other industry favs such as Awolnation, Emerson Drive, Bif Naked, Yukon Blonde, Andrew Allen, Current Swell, The Steadies, Malibu Knights, Willhorse and The Wild.

Dylan Stone Band
Dylan Stone Band

Dylan Stone is a born songwriter with all the talent, imagination and passion needed to turn life’s experiences into songs that paint pictures and capture feelings. Acoustic or electric, solo or with a band Stone's songs are able to cut through the everyday, taking listeners to spaces, undefined. For over a decade Stone has written and performed songs both as a solo artist and as a collaborator with many different bands. Born in Ontario Canada, Stone chased the muse to Victoria, British Columbia in 2006.

Stone is a fully formed songwriter who traveled across North America, all the while developing his amalgamation of sound: a distinct breed of Folk/Rock, which transcends international borders. Stone has pursued music his entire life: his journey led to many interesting and inspiring situations, from performing to Lou Reed, jamming on stage with Robert Randolf and the Family Band, to sharing a stage with Neil Young: he played roulette with Lynyrd Sknyrd too. 

Stone is a professional musician. He formed The Dylan Stone Band and lends his talents to multiple musical projects as a vocalist, guitarist, harmonica player, and pianist. He performs up to four times a week. Stone’s writing is described as prolific. His writing is in a constant process of change and growth. He is very excited to share his debut release, “Stoned”.

“Stoned” is a selection of songs from his vast, and ever growing, catalogue of tunes. These songs, wrung from years of livin’ hard, fill “Stoned”: these songs are Stone’s honest, thoughtful account of his vagabond life. “Stoned” was recorded in three sessions with producer Marc L'Esperance (Ray Condo, Linda McCrea Nomeansno) in Vancouver. Adrian Dolan (The Bills, Ridley Bent, Ruth Moody) recorded a few songs as well, in Stone’s newfound home in Victoria BC. L'Esperance and Dolan both have impressive resumes, having played/collaborated/produced with many quintessental Canadian acts. Each of them are masters of their respective instruments. 

“Stoned” captures the energy of Stone’s live performances. Instead of endless over-dubs, retakes and over-production, this spontaneous creation distills Stone’s energy, the chemistry of his song: this recording is like hearing a good band play in your living room. The album’s only cover track is, fittingly, a Townes Van Zandt tune, “Waiting Around to Die” by Townes Van Zandt. Van Zandt’s singular approach to the craft profoundly impacts Stone’s new songs. 

Stone has been prolific since “Stoned”’ was recorded. These new songs are destined for a record, which will be recorded soon. Stone’s writing style, his sound and spirit recalls the inspirational musicians and bands that kept Stone company throughout his youth. These musicians collectively capture a feeling, often ignored in contemporary musical climates. Neil young, The Band, Gram Parsons, The Beatles, Rolling Stones are just a sampling of Stone’s multifaceted musical reference points.

Stone’s new sound is best described as stripped down. He relies on an old guitar, a bass, some skins and ivory keys and an energy derived from The Band, Neil Young with Crazy Horse and the Rolling Stones. Stone has recruited long time friends and collaborators such as Andrew Poirier, Tyler Piercy, and Chris Van Sickle to round out his distinctive sound. The group of musicians Stone collaborate with share his unparallel passion and his influences too. The Dylan Stone Band consistently produce an honest and effusive breed of Canadian rock and roll.

Faye Blais
Faye Blais


Sudbury’s Faye Blais is spreading her new material around the globe, on a series of International Tours. Detailed as “continuing the thread started by Joni, picked up by Ani and fashioned by Feist”, Faye’s songwriting, presence and personality are showcased beautifully through her impressive jazzy-bluesy folk style, on acoustic and electric guitars, and keys, with stunning, dynamic vocals.  Faye has spent nearly half of the last decade overseas, recording and touring her albums throughout Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, and USA. The rest of her time is spent touring in Canada, where she recorded her latest album, "On the Bright Side" (May 2012 release) at her family's cottage in Northern Ontario. 

Faye has received great reviews from her releases, including CBC Radio 3's New Music Canada Track of the Day (for "Something's Changed"), nominated for 6 Northern Ontario Music and Film Awards over 2010-12, and been included in Canadian Folk Festival lineups (Eaglewood Folk Festival, Northern Lights Festival Boreal, Arts Wells, Robson Valley Music Festival, Revfest…) and invited to showcase NXNE 2012.  Faye has also been featured in a wide range of media at home, with radio, TV and print interviews and placements (CBC Radio One, Radio-Canada/CBON Breakfast Television – Calgary, CTV – Sudbury, VUE Weekly – Edmonton….), and was commissioned to write music for Native Canadian Documentary "Return to Manomin" by Michelle Derosier (Thunder Bay, 2011).

Throughout her years overseas, Faye has performed hundreds of shows, including international folk festivals (Port Fairy Folk Festival, Woodford Folk Festival, Illawara Folk Festival - AUS, Nannup Folk Festival - WA, USA, Spring Scream, Peacefest – TW, Art & Soul Festival - USA...) and received great attention from radio, TV and print media (NBC - USA, Triple J - AUS, ABC - AUS/NZ, Noise TV -AUS, BLTV-TW, ICRT – TW, Balcony TV - AUS, FasterLouder - AUS, MX – AUS, CTV – NZ), in addition to compilation album features, and placements in Web and TV wordwide. Faye is currently based in Toronto, Canada.  She has just spent time writing and recording a new indie-pop project in LA over February 2014, and is also working on her first french album.

Franklin Electric
Franklin Electric



Montreal-based alternative folk-pop band The Franklin Electric turned heads in 2012, claiming first prize in a Nashville song writing competition with the infectious song, “Old Piano”. The group then banded together to lay down their debut album "This is How I Let You Down".   

The album was produced by The Franklin Electric's lead vocalist/piano/trumpeter and songwriter Jon Matte.  He worked alongside award-winning mixing engineer Rob Heaney for an almost - live approach to the recordings. Jon's stellar song writing guides the eleven tracks with a confident brass section and strong harmonies there to add melodic support. The songs were then mixed by Grammy winner Chris Shaw allowing the sonic beauty of the compostions to shine. 

“Our music has allowed us to reach many new fans through shows, select radio stations in Canada and the U.S have started playing and supporting  the music and a surprising number of bloggers have also discovered the music organically through direct connections with the songs, at live shows, on a roof top or just meeting someone who spoke about us!  Dedicated to the music, we are truly grateful for this honest, independent magic in the evolution of the band” says Matte.  

As front man and heart behind the group, Jon Matte has built his career on a resume of professionalism. He studied music at Vanier College in Montreal, and shortly after built a roster of production credits working with popular Canadian artists such as Patrick Watson, Bran Van 3000, and Bad News Brown. 

After winning a video campaign with Australian based company, The Franklin Electric released the official video for the title track of the album ''This Is How I Let You Down'', filmed in Melbourne and directed by Julian Lucas, & Jarred Osborn. With brilliant story telling and cinematic visuals, a second music video was released with the same duo of directors in mid-February for the song “Unsatisfied”. 

Recently, the band caught the attention of Indica Records (home to Half Moon Run, Phantogram…), who will be making the album available in stores as of May 6th 2014

Gary Gonis
Gary Gonis

Garry Gonis lives in the Rockies and has embraced the mountains  as part of his life. Musically his songs are direct personal experiences backed by a pounding train rhythm guitar style. He has shared his musical experiences with such bands as ET-AL, Chicken Wire, Peace and last two years with The Ramblin He Ho Ha's. His shows are full of vibrant personality and three cord specials.

Glorious Sons
Glorious Sons

 There is a mechanic shop in the heart of industrial Kingston. It stands in the corner of a dead end surrounded by dead trees and mangy strays of all kinds. There, lies their dream; In each graceless poster covering the walls, in the stained carpet beneath their feet, in the empty cases of Pabst that jingle to the vibration of their melodies. They are The Glorious Sons, a Canadian rock band, defined by their music and inspired by the day to day grind. They are the everyman band, with a passion for portraying the lost romance of liquor, women and rock and roll.

The band was formed eighteen months ago as a four piece and was quickly changed to a five piece with the addition of lead singer Brett Emmons. The band is made up of of Jay on the lead guitar, Adam on the drums, Andrew on guitar and vocals and Chris on the bass and Brett on keyboard and lead vocals. Using the money they earned from the first few months of shows, The Sons recorded their first demo with talented Sound Engineer Duncan Holt.

On a whim, Adam Paquette entered the tunes into the Whiskey Rocks Showdown, which consisted of over seventy Ontario bands. Rigorous voting by their extremely loyal friends, family and fans, allowed the band to make the top three, which sent them Barrie to compete against two other groups in a live showcase. Members of The Trews, John Angus Macdonald, and Jack Spyrek judged the event. The boys proved victorious in front of their heroes. The prize package was worth five thousand dollars but the real kicker came when John Angus approached the band and expressed interest in working with them. John Angus, who became their producer, took the boys to Newmarket and they recorded their first single “Mama”, with highly recommended Engineer, Nick Detorro. Both Detorro and John Angus would both work on the rest of their Ep.

After a strong winter of playing shows in Toronto and Kingston, the band was united with inspired manager, and “sixth member of the band”, Jordan Howard. He had the work ethic and ambition that the band needed in a leader. Howard worked closely with John Angus and others, and advised the boys to enter the highly acclaimed competition, Rocksearch, hosted by 97.7 Hitz Fm. The Sons beat out hundreds of bands across Ontario and won the event, just as The Trews had done10 years earlier. The prize package for winning was worth over 15,000 dollars. But the chance to open for Finger Eleven, The Trews, The Poor Young Things and Gloryhound at the Biggs and Barr BBQ , not to mention that their single was to be played in regular rotation on 97.7 HTZ FM, proved to outweigh the money. They played a strong show in front of thousands of fans and it was by far their biggest show to date. Two days later, the single boomed to #1 in the first week, causing an onslaught of support in the Niagara- St Catherines region. Money has proved useless compared to the support that they have gained from personalities in the industry.

The future for the band is bright. Their first EP will be released in September and they are beginning to gain fan support across Canada and will be touring the east coast come the fall. The band currently resides in Kingston and they continue to jam atop the mechanic shop where they began. They continue to write songs and play as often as possible. As their dreams become a reality, they still understand the importance of keeping their lives afloat. They continue to wake early in the morning for the daily grind and at five pm, you can count on that old Nissan truck pulling into the lot, followed by three others. Five men will get out; make their way to the corner of Jay’s house and united by their goals and day to day lives, they will continue to preach the lost romance of liquor, women and rock and roll.

Go For The Eyes
Go For The Eyes


Perhaps it’s the various musical backgrounds of its members that makes Go For The Eyes’ hybrid-blues rock sound so interesting- you can’t put your finger on it but ‘there’s no confusion, just rich, deep, heavy, velvet red rock that leaves a catchy lasting impression like a lipstick kiss.’ (Mike Bell, Calgary Herald). 

“We’ve been working for half a decade to perfect our sound,” says Jeff Turner (vocals/guitar), “It took losing a member, disowning a whole album, and going through months of writer’s block and research for us to finally find our soul.”
The transitional year proves to have been a silent morning bell. They awakened in March 2013 with the release of Six Through Twelve, an EP which earned them rave reviews across the country, an explosion of tour dates, and a number of high-profile shows including opening slots for Moist and The Trews, a performance at the Calgary Stampeders’ Labour Day Classic halftime show, and the Flames’ home opener. 
“This album is just more grown up,” explains Elise Roller (vocals, keys), “It’s about love, conscience, and mostly sex. No whining, no bullshit,” which seems to be the reason why many classic rock enthusiasts are latching on to this raw yet refined act. As music writer Lee Mellor illustrates, “Go For The Eyes is a band who truly understands the concept that it’s not what you play it’s how you play it.”
Finally putting on their big-kid pants with Six Through Twelve, nothing speaks more of the new-found adult nature than their magnetic live show. Sounding as though their voices were harvested from the same bloodline, Turner and Roller are an irresistibly seductive pair. 
With the first successful release under their belts, Go For The Eyes will be returning to the studio in March 2014 to record a new EP, Fifteen Through Twenty, with award-winning producer Kirill Telichev. As Turner explains, “I have only one goal in music: to raise the standards.” With this in mind the band has turned their mosaic of influences into a melting pot of genre-spanning domination- and they are ready to change the face of Canadian Music.

JJ Shiplett
JJ Shiplett


“I’ll keep singing on…until this well runs dry or this fire dies”

You can sum up JJ Shiplett’s world with the line above (taken from his song Bluejay Highway). A songwriter in every situation and a dedicated player, JJ’s passion for quality music and sincere songs, is only matched by his goal to get everyone dancing. It’s CCR to Ryan Adams to the The Boss. Introducing JJ Shiplett.

Recently he was the recipient of Rawlco Radio’s 10k20 Grant Program in his hometown of Calgary, Alberta. Following the grant, he recorded his first full length album which was released April of 2012. Recorded at Five Acres Studios in Aldergrove, B.C. with the help of producer Ryan Mcallister (Dakona, Cowboys and Indians, Maverick Records), the album showcases heartfelt moments full of life experience, right alongside bursts of boisterous feel-good rock and roll.

In 2007, JJ released ‘Colours’. It was his first recording released to the publc. Titled for its diverse emotional journey, the album is an honest and expressive portrayal of an artist’s heart. Recorded in the basement of a Calgary church with the help of producer Adam Gill and Jason Graham (Barrage, Shane Yellowbird), the album was followed with shows all across Canada. JJ opened for Canadian artists such as Jeremy Fisher, Zaac Pick and The Matinee, as well as for international artists such as Thomas McCleary of The Commodores.

JJ Shiplett believes in creating and encouraging quality art in Canada; in entertaining and inspiring people across this great country.

Keith Hallet
Keith Hallet
Blues Band hailing from Fredericton, NB
Keith Hallett - Guitar
Ray J Jr - Bass
Chuck Bucket - Drums

Kevin Roy
Kevin Roy

Everyone loves a good story. Winnipeg alt-country troubadour, Kevin Roy, shares his songs as if telling a story for the first time over morning coffee.

He sings earnest tales and comedic balladry with heartfelt melodies and hook-driven choruses. His tall-grass poetry paints images of Canadiana and experiences of the roads he has travelled. If John Prine, Gram Parsons, and Townes Van Zandt went on a fishing trip together in the Canadian Shield, they just might pen the next Kevin Roy album.

As the tamaracks shed their needles in the fall of 2013, Kevin Roy wandered from the beaten path. He left a life of certainty, a professional career, in search of purpose through his love of songs, stories, and the open road. With producer/engineer Lloyd Peterson (The Weakerthans, The Wailin' Jennys) Kevin Roy recorded his debut EP, Taller than the Trees. He is backed by a five piece acoustic ensemble that features former Wailin' Jennys fiddler, Jeremy Penner. Whether pining for lost love or protesting the government's removal of funding for the Experimental Lakes Area, Taller than the Trees is about living for your desires regardless of life's uncertainties.
Since the album’s release, Kevin Roy has logged thousands of kilometers sharing his music and stories in landscapes both familiar and foreign. Over mountain passes to the edges of the Continent, Kevin Roy has had the privilege of performing festivals and concerts with many acclaimed artists, including: The Deep Dark Woods, Daniel Romano, Kathleen Edwards, Lynn Miles, and many more.
With a new set of tires, Kevin Roy is taking back to the road this fall with dates across Canada. He is bringing with him a collection of new songs, of which, only a select few will make his sophomore album. Stay tuned for more information on a full-length recording to commence in the winter of 2014.

Kyler Schogen Band
Kyler Schogen Band


Kyler Schogen's stylistic sound, made up of bluesy rock and soulful pop, is all about flowing grooves and heart felt deliveries. Starting the Kyler Schogen Band in 1996 and covering ground from Whitehorse to the Mexican border, he’s played over 1350 shows in the past ten years, releasing his fifth album, “Starlight Dreams", in May 2014. Last year's release, Like Gypsies", placed #32 on Canada's Blues & Roots Charts. He’s opened for Gordie Johnson, Long John Baldry, Northern Pikes, Doug & the Slugs, Warrant, Teenage Head, etc. 

… and has worked with world class producers & musicians such as Rami Jaffee from the Wallflowers, Tim Bogert from Vanilla Fudge, 

Bob Margouleff - producer/engineer for Wilson Pickett, Stevie Wonder & Jeff Beck, etc. KSB is an original touring band, out of Edmonton, AB.

Lachlan Grant
Lachlan Grant


Lachlan Grant is a songwriter and musician known for his intense emotional display of contemporary music. With a unique style of music built upon melody fueled by direct lyrics, he will have you mesmerized within the muse. After graduating from Otago University with a Bachelor of Music, Lachlan embarked on a journey towards self-understanding and discovery. From the scenic beauty of New Zealand to the red richness of Central Australia, Lachlan has been and will continue gathering artistic inspiration through the lifetime journey of experience and spiritual elevation.

Lou Rye
Lou Rye

"Some people are born as musical souls. This inner force drives them through life seeking some musical fulfillment with instrument and voice. This describes Lou Rye.

Over the years, Lou created original compositions in Blues, Rock, Ballads and New-Age Ragas. And while living in the Northern Ontario area and playing with various bands, his music caught the attention of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Wolf Hesse, CBCs northern talent scout, recorded and aired an hour of Lou’s compositions. Two Blues, three Ballads and one East Indian Raga. “The technicians and others in the studio were blown away”, said Lou, “They said I should write more New Age music.” Lou calls his Ragas, healing music. His Indian music teacher said to him “The guitar sings…..The guitar is your voice, so say something.” And Lou does just that."

by Larry Price

Michael Coughlan
Michael Coughlan

Michael Coughlan a Medicine hat musician from band National Midnight Star is on tour and he's making a stop at Elk and Oarsman!!

Michaels music conjures up tales from the prairies and has you transported back to a time when words like riff raff were as common as dude and when stories only made sense through a bottle of whiskey.

 Inspired by artists like Neil Young and Bob Dylan, Michael is bringing a sound to Fernie we often forget to listen out for.

No Island
No Island

Growing up, the five members of No Island all heeded Bob Seger’s advice; they took those old records off the shelf, and they sat and listened to them. The result, a decade or so later, is a new brand of rock that blurs the lines between genres and generations.

Hippies have become hipsters, disco has given way to techno, and Woodstock lives on in Coachella, but through forty years of cultural evolution, that old time rock and roll has stood the test of time. No Island strives to honour that tradition and sing its praises through their own unique voice.

Funky bass lines punch their way through a thunder of drums while vintage keyboards and ferocious guitars lay a foundation for dual vocals, soaring harmonies and scorching saxophone. From small-town watering holes to downtown clubs, No Island’s energetic live show never fails to fill a dance floor or bring a crowd to its feet.

Since forming in 2009, the band has found both residence and inspiration in Vancouver’s vibrant music scene. A desire to blend the forward-thinking creativity of today’s indie rock with the timeless appeal of yesterday has kept No Island’s sound focused and their vision strong.

The band released their debut album “Sign of the Times” in March 2011. After touring western Canada in the summer of 2012, No Island released their follow-up CD “The Waiting Game EP” in December 2012.

No Sinner
No Sinner


No Sinner, lead by 26-year-old Colleen Rennison is a force of nature, a post modern soul belter and queen of rock, a hard-singing, hard-loving, hard-drinking, hard-working throwback to those her and the guys grew up listening to, including Nina Simone, Tina Turner, Rolling Stones and Diana Ross.

Rennison learned from a cousin that her name was “No Sinner” spelled backwards, is now the singer of a raucous rock band with guitarist Eric Campbell, drummer Ian Browne and rotating bassists Bradley Ferguson and Parker Bossley. Their debut album, Boo Hoo Hoo, includes six tracks from a 2012 EP released on Vancouver indie First Love Records.

Boo Hoo Hoo travels from the juke-joint jump blues of its title track and the Delta swamp of “Runnin’,” with a chugging Creedence beat, to “Love Is Madness” with a Motown bass line and a Dusty Springfield “Spooky” vibe. Other highlights include a cover of Nina Simone’s version of Nat Adderley / Oscar Brown Jr.’s “Work Song”, the soaring, affirmative gospel revival of “Rise Up,” the sensuous plaint of “If Anything” and the feedback-charged “Devil on My Back,” a band composition that features Black Mountain’s Matt Camirand.

No Sinner’s music is about the clash between the sacred and the profane, the preacher and the devil, the sins of Saturday night at the local watering hole being washed away in the redemption of Sunday morning in church; in short, the very contradiction at the heart of rock ’n’ roll.

“It’s a consistent theme in my life to negotiate between being animals and yet righteous,” explains Rennison. “How we need a healthy dose of both good and evil in our lives. Music itself is very much a medium between us and the spiritual world. The things we express in our songs run the gamut from sinful to celestial.”

On returning to her hometown from New York, Vancouver, Colleen started writing with Parker Bossley (formerly of Hot Hot Heat) and joined up with a rotating backing band, for a weekly Thursday night residency at Guilt and Company, a new club in Vancouver’s Gastown district.  “I honed my chops, my stage confidence, my style and versatility,” explains Colleen. “I also learned to play with other musicians.”

“Lay down your burdens … And rise up!”

“So much of the music I started listening to as a girl came from churches and gatherings where people congregated and sang their blues away,” she says. “It’s a dirty business loving me / It’s going to be hard sometimes,” she warns on the sultry “If Anything.”  “That’s a disclaimer for anyone who wants to get involved with me,” laughs Colleen. “I’m warning you now.”

With her in-your-face stage presence and down-to-earth T-shirt and shorts (“I’d like to think I’m bridging the gap between trash and class,” she says), Rennison is an old soul, wiser than her years might suggest. “I love the idea of these women who very much lived in a man’s world, touring on the road,” she says. “Just the idea of the things these women must have seen, the lives they led and how it came out in the music has always inspired me.

“I’ve always connected with folklore and history, a simpler time of life. Since I was a kid. I’ve always felt a little out of place in the modern world.” You can hear that reverence for the past in Boo Hoo Hoo, along with a desire to drag it kicking and screaming into 2013.

“I just want to play music with people I love and respect” says Colleen. “I want to see the world. People who come to our shows leave happy. And as long as you keep making music that people want to listen to, how could you go wrong? Colossal success would be nice, but right now we’re just concentrating on the quality and, hopefully, the rest will fall into place.”

No Sinner don’t mind you comparing them to other people, but they remain true to their own instincts.“We just write whatever comes to us,” insists Rennison. “We’re fans of a variety of different sounds and kinds of music. We’re inspired that artists like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, early Kings of Leon and Lucinda Williams brought it back to the basics and breathe in new life. Luckily, we’re in between so many styles, we have the liberty to do what we please. We really don’t have a formula. We’re not here to be the next anybody. We’ve got our own mark to make.”

“Boo Hoo Hoo” hits stores in North America on June 24, 2014

Paul Filek
Paul Filek

Paul Filek (21 October 1981) is a Canadian Singer-songwriter and musician born and raised in Kamloops BC.  Acoustically based, his repertoire can best be described as an ever growing fusion from Canadian folk to Pop Rock.  He has recorded three albums with HENRY SMALL (Prism, The Guess Who, John Entwistle) between 2006 and 2009 and has been greatly influenced by the early writings of James Blunt, The old 97’s, and more recently by that of Maroon 5 and Train.  Paul is currently working with producer Jeff Dawson (Daniel Powter, State of Shock, The Dudes, Andrew Allen). And in March of 2012 The ‘Paper Planes And Spare Change EP’ came to life. A compilation of five heart felt songs showcasing Paul’s quirky lyrics, fun demise, and new sound.

‘Falling For You’ hit the Canadian air waves as Filek’s first major commercial release in April of 2011.  Peaking at #85 nation wide (Mediabase Main AC 7/30/2011) ‘Falling For You’ also broke the top 20 charts in both Vancouver (#12 CHQM 103.5fm) and in Kamloops (#14 CKBZ 100.1fm) His warm voice, boyish charm and catchy songs garnished him the PEOPLES CHOICE AWARD – BCIMA in 2008, TOP 40 Finalist Canadian Idol (2007) as well as tour support for INXS, TROOPER, CARLY RAE JEPSON, JULLY BLACK, STYX, KEVIN COSTNER and MODERN WEST, CORB LUND,  and many more.

The band currently consists of Paul Filek (Vocals, Guitar), Lonny Eagleton (Vocals, Guitar, Trumpet), Jon Baergen (Bass), Brian Badd (Drums)

Poor Nameless Boy
Poor Nameless Boy


Pop hooks hidden in melodies you can drink your coffee to. Folk lyrics to drive you to the contemplative. Indie voice that softens the bitter topics and wounded hearts. 

Rolla Olak
Rolla Olak

Rolla Olak grew up in Qualicum Beach, BC and was raised by a family of visual artists. Leaving home early on to pursue a career in music, Rolla moved to Toronto to play guitar in a pop-rock group. Extensive touring throughout North America and Japan followed. Returning to Canada, Rolla began exploring the studio and songwriting with fellow bandmate, Stephen Kozmeniuk, which led to the recording of his 1st self-titled debut album.

Rolla met up with Colin Stewart (Cave Singers, Black Mountain) to record his first solo record. Full of spacious experimentation and heavy vintage guitar tones, the album ended up being used as the soundtrack to the VICE motorcycle documentary “Doin it Baja”.

Whether Rolla’s using gentle picks or Crazyhorse blasts of electric, each hesitation or subtle pause gives the listener time to settle into the melodies and relate to the emotion.” –

Upon moving back to the West Coast, Rolla transformed a shed in his backyard into a recording studio where he recorded “WESTERN HEART”, his 2nd solo album. In the quiet confines of the “Tone Shed”, the band played live as Rolla was inspired by great singer-songwriters such as Dylan, Petty, Young. The completed album features eight pop-rock songs including a duet with Canadian pop-songstress Louise Burns.

Credited as a songwriter and musician on over a dozen Canadian and UK releases, Rolla Olak continues to play live and record regularly. As a Top 20 artist in the 2013 Peak Performance Project, Rolla is currently touring throughout Western Canada to gain support for one of the largest emerging artist projects in North America, while working on his 3rd album- his most ambitious to date.

Royal Streets
Royal Streets


Hailing from Waterloo, Ontario, The Royal Streets have already begun to make their mark on the Canadian folk-rock music scene. Following a year and half of consisting Eastern Canada touring, The Royal Streets released their debut studio effort, "Kings & Queen", on March 6th 2014 with the help of Catherine North Studios and producer Dan Hosh.

Sam Klass
Sam Klass

 Klass has spent the last few years developing a unique and innovative live performance of electric/organic live looping using guitar, voice, and beatboxing with analog and digital effects, in original songs. Recently, his act has taken him across the continent, from a sold-out Opera House spotlight set for the New Deal's final hometown show, to renegade campground stages at Bonnaroo and Electric Forest, to Canada Day on the main stage of a downtown Victoria festival, a TED talk/demo, and well over 50 shows in 2012 - all stemming from a single epic street performance at Nuit Blanche in Toronto that spontaneously drew a crowd of hundreds. Through trials and tribulations, he is now emerging at the forefront of next-level live looping; bringing technologies, instrumental prowess and well crafted compositions together to create unprecidented original music. Sam is showing the world what one person can really do with a loop station and an imagination.

Using the momentum of his well attended release party, hit performances at Canadian festivals and regional venues, along with a long list of world class acts he has shared the bill with (including Kaki King, Gramatik, The New Deal, Marco Benevento, Charlie Hunter, Zach Deputy, Robert Babicz, Daniel Wesley, Killah Priest, Maylee Todd, Deep Dark Woods, Rebel Emergency etc.) Sam is travelling the lands and breaking into new territory. As well, expect a new live-off-the-floor record/video release, and an album in 2013 (aptly titled "Tightrope", as his performance style has been described as "musical tightrope walking").

Sam Weber
Sam Weber


Sam Weber is a road dog of a younger breed. A known guitar slinger and record maker of Western Canada, Sam has set his chops loose in his own musical pastures. Hailing from the open skies and minds of North Saanich, BC, the 21-year-old Canadian singer-songwriter and guitarist has gone from strength to strength with gigs and EP releases that have caught the imagination of listeners and media across the world. His ambitious, masterful debut full-length album, Shadows in the Road, is the culmination of years already spent focused on touring and recording.
Shadows in the Road is an album of intense contrasts, emotional entanglement, and mercurial, enthralling arrangements. It plants Sam’s evident affection for freedom, fleeting love, rocky mountain desert valleys, and Bruce Springsteen into sonic prose.
In 2012, at age 19, Weber was one of the youngest people to ever be covered in a major Guitar Player magazine feature. “Weber’s expansive blend of driving rock, dream pop and roots influences is a testament to fierce ambition,” said Guitar Player editor Anil Prasad. “The singer-songwriter and guitarist is already an expert tunesmith, brimming with addictive, adventurous and confident pieces. Infused with deep wit and wisdom, Weber’s output is truly impressive. His guitar work is also killer, full of nuance, soul and a truly unique voice. This is an artist built for the long-term. We’ll be hearing a lot more from Weber in the coming years, and more than likely, decades.”
The prestigious Berklee College of Music also saw Weber’s incredible potential, awarding him a summer scholarship when he was just 17. The school went on to award him a full-time scholarship, but Weber’s artistic instincts proved too restless and he returned home to Canada to pursue his songcraft.
In an age where digital rules and the reach of an artist is often weighed in ‘likes’ and ‘shares’, Sam has focused his efforts on building deeper connections. Not a stranger to the value that the road can provide, Sam’s name is a familiar one throughout some of Western Canada’s biggest markets and smallest towns alike. With his band behind him, he captivates each and every room he plays.
Weber’s journey is just beginning, and it’s off to a truly inspiring start. We invite you to jump onboard and check out this amazing talent during his “early era.” We’re confident Shadows in the Road is a classic in the making. We’re sure you’ll agree.


Slocan Ramblers
Slocan Ramblers




The Slocan Ramblers are Canada’s young bluegrass band to watch. Rooted in the tradition, fearlessly creative, and possessing a bold, dynamic sound, the Slocan Ramblers have quickly become a leading light of Canada’s roots music scene, built on their reputation for memorable, energetic live shows and impeccable musicianship.

With their debut album “Shaking Down the Acorns” receiving wide acclaim (Sing Out! Magazine, Huffington Post etc…), extensive national and international touring under their belt, and a sophomore release in the works, this fearless four piece is sure to keep garnering attention far beyond the traditional bluegrass fan-base.


John Antoniuk, aka "smokekiller", is a singer-songwriter from Saskatoon, SK. John's songwriting has been compared to Lou Reed, Van Morrison, Ryan Adams, and Wilco. "Out There" from the album "13" was selected as a National Finalist in the 2009 Radiostar Songwriting Competition. "13" was the first full length release for John with the smokekiller moniker and was mixed by Steven Drake (the Odds). John originally released two ep's under the Smokekiller name which he compiled and re-released nationally in 2006. It was the release of the Side A ep which quickly garnered John attention as a songwriter and saw him sharing the stage with Ron Sexsmith and Hayden. In 2011 John was awarded a 10k20 grant from Rawlco Radio, and recorded an album of new material produced by Leeroy Stagger. "Always With You" will be released September 2012 and a full North American tour will follow. John has also been very busy over the last 5 years managing and performing with the Jen Lane Band.


Tanner James
Tanner James

Tanner James .., a singer, a runner, a traveller, a dreamer, a troubadeur and a guitar picker. Most of all - a storyteller.

Tanner James learned to write songs on a beach in Maryland when he was twenty-years-old. He was sleeping in a hammock in the woods on the edge of town trying to make a girl fall in love with him. Busking for change on a boardwalk on the beach will almost certainly put words in your mouth.  Riding horses and driving tractors in Southern Alberta was his childhood. He was a farm boy and he spent his days wandering with his dog, humming the songs he'd heard on the a.m. radio. His grandpa could spin a story out of anything and Tanner hung off of his every word. 

Tanner started an indie rock band.  They were together five years. They had an old red van and toured the country. Tanner fell in love with every town and city they ever played in and every highway line they passed.

His roots caught up to him as they often do as a person grows. He remembered all his time on the farm and all the stories his grandpa told. Folk and country music started to call his name.

Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra
Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra


The canoe slid through the dark, unknown waters, a lake they had braved on a lark, and eventually became a song that could anchor an entire album. “By feel we found this empty cabin and stayed the night,” recounts Ian Griffiths, accordionist of BC’s Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra. “I lay there and looked at the silhouette of the trees and I felt like it was the ancestors looking down on me. I found out later from my dad that our family had stayed there, in that very cabin.”


By stumbling through a strange place, by bumping up against and buoying each other, The Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra has found home.

The acoustic ensemble has wandered from the underground of bohemian Victoria, in Canada’s lush west coast, to a new, refined sound crafted by years of constant performing and touring together. Though drawing on flamenco flourishes learned in Spain, on African percussion, on bluegrass and other roots music from across the Americas, TMO has cycled through far-flung influences and youthful forays into sounds from all over, finding new vistas of creativity that bring them closer to their own beginnings, to the people and places that have shaped them. Friends and family, ancestors and wild characters are all honored on Follow My Lead, Lead Me to Follow, the band’s third and most mature studio effort, with a sound that’s distinct, earthy, and solid.

“Our sound comes from spending a lot of time together. It’s a creation of living,” explains Kurt Loewen, the band’s guitarist. “The process with all the songs was so organic. But at the same time, 90 percent of them took a long time to get into the repertoire. It took two full years of touring, of us being together all the time, rehearsing, recording, leaving things off and putting them back on the set list. These songs are a creation of living.”

“When people ask, ‘What influences you most?,’ I have to answer, ‘Being part of the band,’” Griffiths adds. “There are other meta-influences in the background, but the biggest influence is the band itself. Our life together, the people we meet inspire new tunes.”

This kind of close-knit co-creation had humble, funky beginnings. The band crossed paths at a notorious illicit open mic under the sidewalks of Victoria, a cramped, raucous spot that nurtured the local scene. Griffiths had just returned from two years in Spain studying flamenco guitar, and ran into percussionist Paul Wolda, who had grown up playing with African and hand-drumming ensembles from an early age. As their usual gig involved another guitarist, Griffiths decided to teach himself accordion. “There were too many guitars, so I grabbed the accordion we had sitting around our living room. It was a little, kid-sized accordion that I picked up in Barcelona. You had to smile when you played; it only had major chords.”

An eccentric local impresario took notice of Griffiths and Wolda, gave the projects its cheeky literary name, and then booked show after shifting show, sometimes several dozen in a single month, with two to eight musicians. On one of these marathons, they met up with Kurt Loewen, who had been recruited to play djembe but eventually became the band’s guitarist and one of its main songwriters. The guys came from different backgrounds, listened to different music, had different ideas. Yet somehow, clocking thousands of shows and busking their way across several continents, they clicked.

TMO toured major cities, playing club dates and living in vans, like many young bands. But they also found themselves playing smaller towns and venues, places where the entire local population would gather for a show—and then demand they play all night. The spirit of these places and these audiences left their mark, especially the Gulf Islands in BC’s Strait of Georgia, an archipelago harboring beautiful, peaceful spots and wonderfully eccentric people (as well as being home to Wolda, who hails from Cortes Island).  TMO_Staircase

This close rapport—and willingness to take on the third-set challenge, to listen to the spirit of place—shaped TMO. The band evolved, slowly refining their initial burst of quirky, spontaneous jams, where songs in Spanish (the hot “Xo Tango”) might alternate with funny bluegrass numbers (“Sadie”), and wry waltzes might segue into percussive folk-punk. The band’s consensus-based, thoughtful process of arranging, shifting, performing became a crucible for mellowing and combining the group’s scattered musical influences.

“You have a certain idea of how things should be,” Griffiths muses, “but then you release your intention and stuff turns out better. It wouldn’t be a band if it were all my way; it would be my solo project. I bring one wall, and other people bring the others, and the music grows and changes and ends up better. It’s humbling, but it’s always better when it goes through the band.”

These relationships—with new fans, old friends, and striking landscapes—sparked new approaches. A bon vivant and artist friend and long-time supporter in the rugged, gorgeous Kootenays of southwestern British Columbia helped birth “Mountains on Fire,” opening his art-filled home to the band, who found a new approach to the high-speed tune Griffiths first envisioned. In the relaxed, open-ended atmosphere, the song went from quicksilver to lyrical and meditative, a tone that matches the song’s origins in a striking dream.

While the band’s original youthful, playful energy remains palpable on Follow my Lead, Lead me to Follow, the band channels all that heat and light into firm, elegant boundaries. The musicians spent months together, playing, arranging, discussing, before hitting the studio to record the album with David Travers-Smith (Deerhoof, Kiran Ahluwalia, Wailin’ Jennys). The long spell together lent a new tightness to the band’s performance, a focus and sixth-sense responsiveness that resonates on the album (“Lives be Brave”) and on stage. As a result, the group sounds truly orchestral, with rich arrangements that take full advantage of their instruments’ unique colors.

The Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra has also turned truly roots, finding inspiration and hope in tracing the impact of past lives, past minds. The rousing “Canoe Song,” inspired by Griffiths and Wolda’s strange lake journey, brought this past home to Griffiths and generated the name of the album, a possible credo for the band: “It’s a big cyclical thing; to lead you need to follow and to follow to lead. When you reach that point, you’re just confronted with yourself all the time, and you begin to see those around you in a different light.”

Loewen found a similar source of inspiration for “Nose Hill,” a song for one of Calgary’s main landmarks and greenspaces. Returning to his old stomping grounds, Loewen was startled to find himself disoriented as he considered the changing lay of the land: “I was feeling sentimental about the land where I was from. I thought about who had lived there before and what the land looked like. For millennia, buffalo came and rubbed themselves on the stones there, and it blew my mind, that these animals had migrated through there, their ancient paths. It spoke to me of a larger idea: That we can think we’re in one place, but we’re actually in another.”

This pensive engagement with the past may be bittersweet, but it underlies the band’s tight and joyful ties to a vibrant sense of place, whether it’s a farm on the Canadian prairies or an idyllic rocky island. “Our common thread is the place, the people,” Griffiths smiles. “When we’re out on Cortes Island or in Saskatchewan, it’s the sense of place that are the common threads. There’s a place, there’s the sentiment that connects us.”

This is more than connection and art simply for its own sake. The Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra’s creation of living has gotten the band passionately involved in a variety of causes, from protesting unwise logging practices in old-growth groves to bringing organic food sellers to their shows. They are also heavily engaged in working with at-risk children, in part through the Legacy Children’s Foundation’s highly successful Gift of Music programs in Loewen’s hometown of Calgary.

Charged with leading a songwriting workshop for the program, the band, faced with a roomful of kids ranging in age from 10 to 18, was nervous. But within the first two hours, the young musicians broke out of their shells, egging each other on, crafting heartfelt lyrics and great hooks. The workshop left a lasting impression: Even a few of the quieter children involved went on to get music lessons and kept in touch with the band. But it was more than the mentoring that moved The Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra’s musicians. “That childlike openness will pick up whatever is at hand,” Griffiths says, “and honest and unpretentious music pours out. The kids just said what was happening, just reflected of their lives in their work.”

“It’s what we strive to tap into ourselves,” Loewen adds. 

The Electric Pussy Explosion
The Electric Pussy Explosion

TEPE was conceived, like many before it, with alcohol and good intentions, for the purpose of playing a Battle Of The Bands. 4 weeks later TEPE was born in a rush of passion and curses to the acclaim of a crowded bar. And so TEPE grew through its adolescence, writing songs and finding it sound. Now here we are a year and half later fully grown, harry chested, loud and proud, and reading to rock your proverbial socks off!

The Mourning After
The Mourning After


The Mourning After started in 2012 with Marcus Steiner (Guitar/ Vox), Dan Vigneau(Drums) and Rich Jaeger(bass). Originally as a cover band dedicated to performing our favorite bands growing up. Soon we had a full tribute set of both Rage Against the Machine and System of a Down. As well as countless covers of everything from Godsmack to Rammstein. Word quickly spread around the Yukon and soon we found ourselves booked for festivals, conventions and special events all over the Yukon. Now in our second full year we have self-produced a full length original album title "Animal Farm". Over the coming weeks we will be releasing tracks to our online friends over our reverb nation site. The Album is currently in production and will be available on itunes and through sales on our facebook site by May 2014. In the meantime enjoy the tunes. Check out some of our youtube videos and keep your ears to the ground for the rumble of The Mourning After.......

The Pistol Whips
The Pistol Whips

The Pistolwhips, a Saskatoon based band, infuse indie rock songs with bluesy guitars, driving rhythms, and hooky vocals. Singer/guitarist Rylan Schultz, bassist Zach Davies, drummer Christian Kongawi, and guitarist Paul Kuzbik draw their audiences in with their collective vibe, catchy songs, and soulful rock-out sessions. Taking influence from bands like Led Zeppelin, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Kings Of Leon, their four strong personalities are easily identifiable throughout their songs. 

On the strength of their self-titled EP (released in fall 2012) they have shared the stage with The Sheepdogs, Robert Randolph and The Family Band, The Boom Booms, Monster Truck, and Dragonette. Having showcased at Canadian Music Week, JUNOfest, and the Sasktel Jazz Fest in 2013, The Pistolwhips continue to play to larger crowds with each show.  
The Rusty Waters Band
The Rusty Waters Band

The birth of this band took place in a shed and the continuous rebirths of Rusty Water have taken place in haunted gardens, dingy basements, and charming venues crossing Canada- and back again. 

The evolution of Rusty Water is happening quicker than you can blink, taking us to depths and heights and leaving us somewhere between folk rock and the cosmos.

Their lyrics celebrate philosophy, poetically expressing man and his relationship with woman and divinity. To hear them live is to be transported to a time where twelve-minute-long songs exist again. Guitar solos will grab you, rhythms will groove you, and their hippie spirited stage presence is undeniably captivating and authentic.

Their First LP titled Talking With Flowers, came together through the winter under piles of snow and was released in the spring of 2011.  The album has a smooth calm intensity about it. The music is intelligent, beautifully harmonious, accomplished.

The Sturgeons
The Sturgeons

"Twin Brothers From Winnipeg, Canada, Channel, Write & Perform Great Songs"
If you have ever known identical twins, you know that there is something mysterious about their relationship to the world. Something unexplainable. Sometimes oppositional and sometimes harmonious. Cal and Luke Hamilton create magic by channeling an appreciation for the traditions of roots music with a progressive sense of experimentation. These lads write and perform with passion and a seasoned appreciation for music that lives on. Thoughtful and honestly arranged songs that have an immediate and captivating sound that is both fresh and timeless. Give them a listen.



 Windborn is the name that Jeff Pike has given to his music.  It’s a unique sound that’s proven very difficult to define.  You really have to experience the energy of a live performance before you can understand what the music is all about.  Jeff knows how to put on a show that can suit any type of venue.  From mellow house concerts and coffee shops, to festivals drawing all types of crowds, or rocking the dance floor at sold out pub shows, the energy and strength of the music is undeniable.  Jeff's guitar playing lays the foundation of every song and is truly unique.  He plays rhythm and lead lines at the same time, creating some of the biggest and most percussive riffs you'll ever hear on the guitar.  On top of all that, Jeff lays complex beats with a kick drum, and cuts through with powerful vocals.  Jeff has toured as a one-man band for many years.  The size of the sound coming from just one musician is unlike anything you’ve ever heard or seen before.  That said, from time to time other musicians will join the show with cello, bass guitar, or hand percussion, adding another layer of depth to the music. 

Jeff has 2 full-length albums released under the name of Windborn, with a 3rd on it's way in 2014.  He tours full-time and has played almost everywhere there is to play in western Canada, with plans to expand to the east and south in the near future.

Young Running
Young Running

Simplicity and sincerity are dying in modern music. Where many artists feel that the concept of roots-based music focuses on the rudimentary aspects of a song's musical foundation, in the eyes of Toronto-based quartet Young Running, there is a lot more to tend to than just churning up some instrumental soil.

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