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Monday, January 26, 2015
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Not everyone gets to play at the Elk and Oarsman. 

The bands we feature come from diverse backgrounds and from all over the country. 

Some stop by while they're on tour and others make the trip just to entertain you.

Here are the groups currently scheduled to play and links to videos of other groups that have played in the past.

Showtime begins at 10pm until closing. 

Come in and listen to some quality entertainment!

Click on the images to read more about the bands and to watch their videos!

 If your group would like to be featured at our pub, contact us here.

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Amelie Paterson
Amelie Paterson


I'm a 25 year old singer/songwriter from Banff AB Canada. I play blues, rock, and folk music at a variety of different venues. Most recently I sang my way across the country by train through a program called Artist Onboard with VIA Rail.I play lots of gigs around town including Nourish Bistro, and weekly (Sundays) at the St. James Gate.

Andy Loops
Andy Loops


Andy Loops is a local Musician from Banff AB. Using a Loop Pedal and an Acoustic guitar he creates songs of all genres. he cover everything from Classic Rock, to Hip Hop, to Indy Electro.

Bowcott & Enslen
Bowcott & Enslen

Jay Bowcott is an alt-country artist from Medicine Hat, Alberta. His second release Morning Sky Blues will be released in October 2014 and features 11 original tracks inspired by the life and times of the 27 year old songwriter. Growing up in Calgary he made the move to Medicine Hat in 2008 sick of the overwhelming traffic and chaotic lifestyle of the big city. WIth new footing in Medicine Hat he found much more time to hone his skills as a singer-songwriter / guitarist. The songs are inspired by multiple tours across Canada and the old western imagery of the Medicine Hat landscape. Jay Bowcott brings with him on the road the feeling and spirit of his new hometown and finds solace in calling it home. 

Brady Enslen was born in, and currently calling Medicine Hat home.  Small town prairie life is the heart and soul of Brady's music. While he is mainly a self-taught musician, taking classical guitar lessons while in University honed the skills that inspired Brady to begin writing and performing his own music. His songs and lyrics embody the nostalgic simplicity of growing up in rural Alberta; his steady-going guitar playing and accessible melodies create a backdrop for lyrics that are rich and meaningful. Brady's sincere and down to earth presence engages listeners young and old, and makes one feel that they are right at home. 
Despite its coined term "All Hell For a Basement" Medicine Hat is an inspiring and comfortable place for budding songwriters. The ghosts of the old west walk the streets and with many of the original buildings still standing from the pioneer town you can feel the landscapes rich history. 

Brad Brewer
Brad Brewer


Brad is a Singer/Songwriter and Entertainer from Toronto, Canada currently residing in Banff, Alberta out in the Canadian Rockies.


"Pick it up and Play it" Rock

Artists We Also Like

The Strumbellas, Poor Young Things, Elk Run & Riot


Acoustic & Electric Pub Rock


Brad Brewer-Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Stompbox, Foot Tamborine, Harmonicas, Various Percussion....All at once.
Zoltán Varga-Bass Master


The Strumbellas, The Black Keys, The Watchmen, Robin Trower, Mumford and Sons, The Lumineers, Presidents of the United States of America....anything that make you tap your toe!

Current Location

The Great Canadian Rockies...(Banff)

Elk Run & Riot
Elk Run & Riot

Elk run & Riot is an up and coming folk rock four piece that has caught fire in the Bow valley. After a December residency at the Elk and Oarsman the band shifted gears and won the Tommy's battle of the bands earning a slot opening up for Classified at the Banff Center this summer. Over the past 6 months Elk run & Riot have tightened their sound playing weekly gigs around Banff and rehearsing relentlessly at their top secret Canmore jam space. As the set list grows so does their fan base. The band has a loose feel on stage and no song is played the same on any given night. At the core of their sound lies great song writing, infectious harmonies and a tight rhythm section. The drummers name is Marc.

Greg Cockerill
Greg Cockerill

Born in Montreal, Raised in Alberta and living in Toronto, Greg Cockerill’s music is unique expression of Canadiana. Growing up listening to classic albums from John Lennon and Neil Young amidst the exploding new rock scene of the early 90’s, picking up a guitar and playing in as many bands as he could was a burning necessity. Going on to formally study music and getting a double major degree in… composition/arranging and in jazz guitar at Toronto’s Humber College (2004), he found himself inevitably drawn back to his roots in Alberta, and his roots in music.

In Calgary, Greg launched himself as a country guitar player on the scene as well as starting to write and sing his own original roots music. This quickly led to the formation of “the Greg Cockerill band” in 2007 which released its debut album “Summertime & Heartache” in may 2008 to zero critical reception yet regular cross-canadian radio play, a CBC 3 track of the day and 2 singles on regular rotation on CBC 2 and a separate single in Malaysia.

Forever in pursuit of growth and Challenge, and inspired by Toronto artists such as Justin Rutledge, David Baxter and Corin Raymond among many others, in 2010 Greg Relocated to Toronto and re-formed a new Greg Cockerill band and joined up with his musical younger brother Joshua to produce “Festuca” along with Stew Crookes which was released October 4th 2011. The album garnered much industry praise from the likes of Daniel Lanois and Tom Cochrane among others. Subsequently Greg began to refocus his attention on a period of growth and went back to his sideman roots, working in session and live with artists such as Scarlett Jane, Fiver, and Paul Reddick. Greg is currently the music director for Paul Reddick's newest instalment of The Sidemen, who have a new record expected winter 2014 being produced by Colin Cripps

Greg Drummond
Greg Drummond

Greg Drummond’s beginnings as a songwriter are not with the grandeur that many musicians claim to have started with—they are humble and they are honest. Growing terrified with the concept of his monotonous corporate lifestyle, he saved up enough money to live off of for a year and quit his sales job to pursue his passion—a career in music. It was not the perceived glamour of a rock-star’s life that called him to the profession; it was the struggle to earn his living through his art form.

Born and raised in Port Moody BC, Greg Drummond’s current music style shows influence from the era of traditional Appalachian Folk music with a modern Southern Rock transformation. Greg’s true strength in music lies in his songwriting. His songs are stories of struggle, adventure, and the crazy experiences of life. Paired with his deep and distinguishing voice and toe-tapping melodies, Greg’s lyricism allows his audience to be transported to a place and time offering them an escape from their comfortable reality. For those that are close to Greg, they know him as an incredibly prolific songwriter.
The best way to truly understand his sound is by experiencing one of his shows for your self. Greg has been consistently filling up small 150 – 200 seat theatres. The band he has built around him is made up of professionally trained musicians with degrees in music theory—these four core members of the group are incredibly important to Greg’s on-going story as a professional musician. The knowledge they have of their instruments provides additional insight to Greg’s songwriting and lends to creating a full-bodied and deeply comprehensive soundscape. To take his live performance even further, Greg will on occasion perform with an orchestral horn section.
In addition to the band’s unique live performance, the title track from Greg’s debut album, Walking Man, has garnered its own attention. Following an impromptu submission to 104.3 The Shore FM’s BEST of BC Contest, Greg and his band yielded the top prize of $10,000 and solid radio play. Within the next couple months, the same song landed a spot on multiple shortlists, including the nationally recognized CBC Searchlight Contest. In May of 2013, Greg and his band were selected to be part of the Top 20 bands to participate in 102.7 The Peak FM’s Peak Performance Project. This rigorous, highly competitive and challenging program has proven to be an invaluable career building step that Greg feels lucky to have experienced.
Greg most recently was awarded funding form The Foundation Assisting Canadian Talent on Recordings and is currently working on his sophomore album, which is set to release in the spring of 2015.
“Greg has an easy and effortless way with a melody and a hook. He’s a natural troubadour, and his songs will get inside your head and have you humming long after you hear them.” Pablo Pietropaolo, CBC

“Greg is definitely an up-and-coming artist on the Vancouver scene — a great voice and a very interesting and fun sound and performance which is worth checking out.” Vancouver Weekly

Greg Rekus Live
Greg Rekus Live


Greg Rekus first hit the road as a solo artist in March 2011. Since then, he has played some of the greatest punk music festivals around, including The Fest, Pouzza Fest, and Groezrock Music Festival. He has toured Europe three years in a row from London to Ukraine. He has toured the United States and Canada over ten times. Finally, he has released two full length albums and a 7 inch in several different countries through a network of indie labels.

After teaming up with sound wiz John Paul Peters (Royal Canoe, Comback Kid, Propagandhi) for a month of tracking and mixing, Greg released his sophomore album “Punkoustic”. Wanting this to be a step up from his debut album “The Dude Abides”, he enlisted the grooves of bassist Nick Kouremenos (This Is A Standoff) and drumming of Jaime Carraso (Flying Fox and the Hunter Gatherers). The end product is a new sonic alloy combining a punk band with Stomping Tom Connors. Blowing minds since it’s release on January 8th 2014, the album broke the top 30s on college charts across Canada and the USA and boasted a number 10 spot on Vancouver CITR. In addition, the album climbed all the way to number 1 on CKUW Winnipeg!

Live, Greg’s act can be described as punk inspired riot folk that engages crowds of all styles and configurations around the world. The lyrical content stretches from drinking in your favorite bar, to relationships, political jousting, life in general, and more. His energy level is rivaled by few solo artists, and he is most known for strumming the hell out of an acoustic guitar and stomping the beat out on his custom built stomp box.

Greg’s Passion for music is bursting at the seams. It is the driving force that keeps him on the road 6 – 7 months a year and cranking out album after album of punk rock goodness. Greg Rekus will stick to his rigorous tour schedule and loves to do every radio, newspaper, and website interview that passes by. His hard work has already gotten him to places he never thought attainable and the only way from here is up.

Gunner and Smith
Gunner and Smith

On Compromise, Gunner & Smith began to develop a sound that easily defied their original "alt-country" tag. Now carrying a fuller and harder-hitting sound, the group began to pay greater attention to pop flourishes in addition to taking on more diverse influences such as psychedelia.
Recorded by Jordan Smith at The Avenue Recording Studio, located above Saskatoon’s legendary music venue Amigos Cantina where Gunner & Smith began honing their live performance chops, the group eagerly began to take on a sound that was far more expansive and lush than their previous songs. On their debut single “Strength of My Fathers”, the quintet roll into a dramatic story of relationships and longing with appropriately soaring male/female vocal harmonies, while on “Bears” the guitars take on a lead role, with fully-realized solos and hooks.

Along the way, Gunner & Smith’s reputation as a live band began to grow as the group made appearances at festivals such as OMFEST, MoSo Fest, Lilac Festival and the prestigious Ness Creek Festival. The band also shared the stage with numerous Canadian artists in the last year such as Del Barber, Said the Whale, Petunia and the Vipers, Jordan Klassen, Mike Edel, Owls by Nature, Picture the Ocean, Boreal Sons, Close Talker, Scenic Route to Alaska, The Elwins, Nick Everett and Saskatoon up-and-coming roots legends The Deep Dark Woods.

Gunner & Smith began to tour relentlessly throughout Canada, playing extensively throughout Alberta and their home province of Saskatchewan, as well as a sojourn through the eastern half of the country, which saw front man Geoff Smith spreading his wings and returning to his solo roots.

On top of the momentum gained in 2013, Gunner & Smith are now gearing up for the release of their debut full-length album He Once Was a Good Man. Slated for an early 2014 release, the band once again returned to The Avenue with Jordan Smith and Scott Neufeld along with The Deep Dark Woods’ Ryan Boldt at them helm in the producer’s chair. In addition to producing the album, Boldt (who has previously worked with prairies folk act Kacy and Clayton) also makes several appearances playing on the album.

On He Once Was a Good Man, Gunner & Smith find themselves with their most realized sound to date despite taking several different directions. It wasn’t until the band hit the studio that things became apparent and cohesive – a concept that was unintentionally synonymous with the band’s own journey into maturity. While working with Boldt, the band kept the sessions spontaneous, using live off the floor takes in order to find their sound.

Despite the increased warmth and beauty of the record's arrangements and tones, Smith is still a master at producing dark and haunting songs that are informed by powerfully bleak lyrics – even his sunniest moments are still shadowed with drama and the lingering baritone of his vocals. While it has been a restless artistic road for Smith, Gunner & Smith have reached something of a creative peak with He Once Was a Good Man. There's no question that the journey has been an interesting one.

Joe Nolan
Joe Nolan
While it’s not every day that a songwriter makes it from the shadows of open mic nights to the high wattage, real deal scene, Joe Nolan’s old soul lyrics and striking vocals suggest that the odds of breaking through are in his favour.
Joe Nolan’s distinctive and intimate vocals stack the deck. From theramin tremors to raw howls, his range of expression reaches extremes. He delivers bandaged fragility and raw rage with equal impact. The songs are fervent, pressing and intense, attuned at once to the world of youthful melodramas in which Joe, an artist in his early 20s lives, and an older, deeper level of human experience. Insight into the latter has nothing to do with age.
The strength of his debut record, Goodbye Cinderella (2011), earned a nomination for Canadian Folk Music Award Emerging Artist of the Year, a record deal, and a chance to record in Nashville with some of the most respected names in the business, included Colin Linden, Marco Giovino (Robert Plant, Norah Jones) and John Whynot (Lucinda Williams, Blue Rodeo).
Even in the spotlight, the lyrical contours of Joe Nolan’s confessions retain their mystery. Tornado, a collection of songs that befit a rising star in the songwriting world, will be released by Six Shooter Records on January 28, 2014.

Motel Raphael
Motel Raphael

Motel Raphaël is a young indie-folk-pop band from Montreal, led by Clara Legault, Emily Skahan and Maya Malkin. Since their inception in 2012, this seven piece outfit has risen through the ranks of Montreal’s burgeoning indie scene at an astronomical pace. Headlining performances at POP Montreal, Osheaga, CMW, Fringe Fest, M for Montreal alongside ranking in CBC Music’s national Searchlight competition have garnered them comparisons to Tegan and Sara, Feist, Fleet Foxes and Mumford & Sons as well as unabashedly glowing praise from the press community. 

Their harmonies are haunting, their lyrics honest, and the delivery of their performances are wrought with a heart-melting sincerity that will warm the coldest soul. Motel Raphaël’s debut full-length Cable TV is a soaring tale of heartbreak, longing and redemption delivered with a songwriting maturity that far exceeds the fact that the band members are all still in their early twenties. With their eyes set firmly on the horizon, Motel Raphaël are poised to become THE band to watch in 2014.

Paul Reddick
Paul Reddick


Paul Reddick's music is rooted in the blues, but his new record is a portrait of a wandering musician, a lover with precious little time for sentiment. It owes its existence to the musicians he has heard for 20 years, and all the musicians he has played with over two decades and half a dozen albums. And his new CD — yes, it’s titled Wishbone — is, he insists, a soundtrack for dancing and sex. Self-portrait? Maybe — but it IS the most consistent, powerful statement he’s made. Produced by Colin Cripps, the cast of players on Wishbone include Gary Craig (drums), Kyle Ferguson (guitar), Maia Davies (keys, background vocals), Anna Ruddick (bass) and singers Cindy Doire, Samantha Martin and Tom Wilson. Cripps, who has performed with the Jim Cuddy Band and Blue Rodeo as well as Kathleen Edwards, Bryan Adams, Oh Susanna and dozens more, also plays guitar and backup vocals on several tracks. Reddick has long been a part of Canada’s rich roots music scene; he is one of the best harmonica players in the country, and he’s contributed to the recordings of other key artists, among them Kathleen Edwards, Colin Linden, Treasa Levasseur, Scarlett Jane, Susie Vinnick and more. His distinctive voice covers a wide emotional palette; always engaging; sometimes a shout, more often a conversationally vivid whisper.

But it is Reddick’s songs — sometimes sweet, sometimes bitter, always thought-provoking and rarely sentimental — and the passionate way he delivers them that best illustrate what the influential British magazine Mojo described as his “wayward brilliance.”

In the real world, he has been nominated for Junos and Blues Music Awards and he is a seven-time Maple Blues Award winner. And he continues to tour — across Canada and the United States, with two or three trips a year to Europe — with his hard-hitting band.

Reuben and the Dark
Reuben and the Dark

Two years ago, Reuben Bullock emerged from a shed-turned-studio with a songwriter's acumen and his debut album in tow: the minimally arranged, Pulling Up Arrows. The shed itself was the brain child of esteemed producer/arranger, Jay Crocker. He would team with Bullock whose knack for joinery would land the pair a warm creative fortress to hole up in for the Canadian winter.

His first solo recording acted as a passport for Bullock over the next year, and as his sound evolved, he shot the gap between cafe to barroom, and later barroom to ballroom. In 2011, he would be joined by Distance Bullock (drums and cello), Shea Alain (multi-instrumentalist) and Scott Munro (bass and keys) and perform as, Reuben and the Dark. Together, they released the sophomore record, Man Made Lakes (January 2012) in conjunction with a western Canadian tour.
Bullock's most recent travels took him to Mexico where he would perform a select few shows, randomly grabbing the eye of Mairead Nash of London's Luv Luv Luv Records (Florence and the Machine, Blood Orange) who summoned him to England. Once there, he would session at Limehouse Studios under the tutelage of producer, Christopher Hayden (Florence and the Machine) and engineer, Steve Carr (Francis Neve).

Ross Neilsen Band
Ross Neilsen Band


Canada’s hardest working blues rock musician, Ross Neilsen, does it right. He’s taking strong, timeless material to the place that matters: The People. Seven Years, over 1200 shows and more than half a million kilometers traveled. In a time of corporate cookie-cutter music, this is the return to real. Proving hard work pays off Neilsen has been honoured with a nomination for Best New Artist at The Maple Blues Awards in 2010, two Rising Star nominations from CBC, back to back Blues Album of the Year nominations from the East Coast Music Association, a win for Best Blues Recording for Redemption at the 2010 MusicNB awards, a semi finalist in the solo/duo category at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, TN in 2012 and most recently Five nominations from Music New Brunswick including Album of the year, best group and best rock recording for RESURRECTION as well as Best male solo Recording for THE SHACK UP SESSIONS  and a win for best blues recording for THE SHACK UP SESSIONS. He is a real, old-school kind of artist. Write. Tour. Record. Tour. Repeat.
Neilsen’s latest studio effort, RESURRECTION, was recorded in Maurice, Louisiana at Dockside Studios. RESURRECTION was produced by New Orleans’ favourite son, Anders Osborne and engineered by Grammy award-winning studio whiz, Warren Riker. RESURRECTION was funded in part by the Music Industry Development grant in New Brunswick as well as direct-to-fan funding site Pledge Music.
Neilsen’s journey to RESURRECTION was an epic one. Detouring to Macon, Georgia to visit the Allman Brothers Museum, The Big House, Neilsen gained inspiration for recording after being one of the few people on earth to be allowed to play Duane Allman’s 1957 Gold Top Les Paul. This is the legendary guitar used on the first two Allman Brothers albums as well as Eric Clapton’s “Layla” album.
RESURRECTION contains ten original songs, each one a unique sonic assault that draws from Neilsen’s full palate of influences. From the dueling southern rock guitar lines between Neilsen and Osborne on “Daddy Taught Me” (Neilsen’s tribute to his late father), the poppy ear-worm hook in the rocker “Need You More”, ZZ Top-esque guitar work in “Walk on By”, or the closing ten minute opus of “Juanita” that conjures up the heavy drone of Crazy Horse, RESURRECTION explores bold new ground taking the band into dangerously beautiful new territory. The song topics are snap shots into the lives of the people Neilsen meets and the places he visits as he tours the great nation he so proudly calls home.
After the demise of The Sufferin’ Bastards in December 2011, Ross Neilsen has spent much of the 2012 rebuilding his musical foundation with a new trio, ROSS NEILSEN BAND. Any doubt as to the impact of his return has been shattered with this latest recording. The old school, in-your-face guitar playing coupled with a thunderous, tight rhythm section has been Neilsen’s trademark for years, blurring the lines between pop, blues and rock. With RESURRECTION, Neilsen has returned with an arsenal of mature, timeless material and a fire burning hotter than ever to take this new, exciting music to the place it matters most – The People. RESURRECTION is coming.

Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith

Most likely you’ve seen Sarah Smith before. As lead singer for Canadian Certified Gold Single rock band The Joys she earned international stardom performed with the likes of Bif Naked, The Trews, Sam Roberts and Bedouin Soundclash. The Joys catapulted themselves all over the map and rode the radio waves across North America.

Now Sarah Smith has gone solo. Proving that her powerhouse vocal talent needs no accompaniment with her debut album Stronger Now, Sarah is killing it on her own!

Playing over 300 shows last year, Sarah is known as “…Canada’s Hardest Working Musician…”

“Stronger Now”, her debut solo CD, was produced by Grammy and Juno winning Producer, Kevin Doyle (Alannah Myles, Ann Murray). The positively catchy single, Shine Bright, gained radio play across Canada and helped her to win numerous awards including:

2014 – Fan Favourite at The JRMAs

2013 – Best Singer/Songwriter at The JRMAs

2012 – Best Singer/Songwriter at The London Music Awards

#1 Album of 2012 by The London Free Press.

Sarah just completed her new CD, “The Journey”, produced in Germany by world-class producer, Pat Anthony (Usher) and is excited to show the world her new sound.

Steph Cameron
Steph Cameron


Steph Cameron's music and lifestyle seem to echo another time and place. Think of the beatniks in the '50s, hitchhiking and hopping freight freights. Think Greenwich Village circa 1963, and the beginning of the Dylan-fuled folk explosion, or a late '60s commune in northern California perhaps. 

In fact, Steph Cameron and her community of like-minded friends have made their own time and place, right here, right now. They have chosen to share music and ideas around the campfire, or by candlelight within the rural cabins they have built themselves.

That is the environment that has spawned Sad-Eyed Lonesome Lady, the astonishingly accomplished debut album from Steph Cameron. Out on Pheromone Recordings, it presents the B.C.-based singer/songwriter in an honest and unvarnished setting, showcasing a genuinely exciting new roots music talent. What could be more organic and pure than an album simply comprising voice and guitar (with an occasional judiciously-placed harmonica), recorded to 2-inch tape?

Sad-Eyed Lonesome Lady was recorded in just three days at elite Toronto studio Revolution Recording this past summer. I nitially, plans were for Steph to lay down just one song, she recalls. “I came to Toronto, met Kim Cooke [head of Pheromone and a partner in Revolution)] for the first time, and we decided to record, mix and master one song, ‘Goodbye Molly,’ as a test run. We had Molly down within a couple of hours so we kept going. We recorded for three consecutive days, finishing all 13 songs on the record. I had made a short trip to Toronto and left with a finished album.”

Cooke notes that the timing was fortuitous bordering on guided by divine intervention. “All three rooms of the studio were booked solid that month, except for a Monday to Wednesday slot that coincided with Steph being here.” The initial recording template was put in place by Revolution engineer Joe Dunphy, with further recording by Jack Clow. The analog approach perfectly captures the warmth and intimacy of Cameron’s voice and fluent guitar playing. It’s only fitting that a release on vinyl is being planned.

There is an undeniably retro feel to Cameron’s work, but she is certainly not mired in the past. “I’ve been involved in the underground punk and hip hop scenes for years,” she says. “I have always felt an affinity for music that comes from the street or other places of conflict.” She goes on to express a “respect for music that admires the resourcefulness of struggling people and demonstrates a distrust for authority.” Steph acknowledges that her core passion, however, remains “folk and blues music.” This ranges from the country blues of Lightnin’ Hopkins to the bluegrass of Doc Watson to the vintage ’60s folk of Bob Dylan, Dave Van Ronk, Ramblin’ Jack Elliott and early Joni Mitchell.

Hints at these diverse influences can be found on Sad-Eyed Lonesome Lady. Songs like “Five Dollars,” “Railroad Boy” and “Blues At My Window” have a talking folk-blues feel, while the sensual and bluesy “Poppa You Can Take Me Home” projects a Maria Muldaur vibe. The closing cut, “Many Miles To Go,” is a breezy bluegrass gem. “Joe Dunphy had a guitar in the studio done up in Nashville tuning, giving it that ethereal tone,” Steph explains. “I used that guitar on the spur of the moment and it worked beautifully.”

Along with its refreshing eclecticism, the material here has a lovely dynamic range. From the upbeat feel of “Railroad Boy” and “Blues at my Window” (which boasts the memorable lines “I got a heart full of loving and a belly full of gin”) to the quietly sinister “Ellis Pine” and gently compelling “Glory,” Steph explores a vast emotional terrain with convincing skill, thanks to her pure, strong and supple voice.


Cameron’s crisp and rhythmic playing is another key component to the album. Self-taught on guitar, she explains that she has made a recent major breakthrough on the instrument. “I have been playing for a decade, but only seriously for the last few years, after a friend gave me a set of metal banjo fingerpicks. I now find guitar interesting, which challenges me to progress and compels me to write songs.”

Lyrically, Steph’s songs dig deep, drawing upon the experiences and lessons learned from a fascinatingly nomadic and sometimes turbulent lifestyle. Born in Saskatoon, she has since spent time living in East Vancouver, Vancouver Island, and now the Kootenay region of the B.C. interior, as well as logging serious miles traversing the country.

Her songs also draw inspiration from her circle of close and creative friends. “In some ways, the songs are like a sounding board,” she explains. “I write music as a way of digesting events that have shaped me and my community. A storyteller has to be honest – even, and often especially when that honesty is uncomfortable. Some of the songs on this record are light-hearted and playful, but the songs that are most meaningful for me acknowledge the turbulence in my own life and the lives around me. ” Cameron also finds creative sustenance in living simply, for the last several years in cabins she has built herself. “My dog and I used to live in an 8 by 8 foot shanty I built in the bush on Vancouver Island. In the winter, when the rain would beat down on the tin roof, it sounded like a drum. I wrote ‘Goodbye Molly’ about the rhythm of the rain and the feeling of water rising all around me.”

“I use oil lamps and candles and heat with a wood stove,” she says. “I’m not a stranger to cities, though. I never have been. The songs on this record concerned with the city recall the sadness and trouble I’ve found there.” As examples, she cites “Glory,” “a song that’s written about the street kids I grew up admiring,” and “Ellis Pine”, “a song,” she describes, “from East Vancouver.”

For Steph Cameron, music has always been a passion rather than a career choice. She has performed extensively across Canada, primarily in a very unstructured fashion as a busker . “That’s how I’ve worked my way across Canada for nearly ten years,” she says. “With my friends and our dogs, we hitchhike and ride trains to get into cities. We take over a spot, play music for a week, make enough money to keep going and then move onto the next place.” Busking has helped shape Steph into an engagingly communicative and energetic performer. The shift from busker to recording artist is not one Steph actually pursued or predicted. The catalyst was a friend from Victoria. “He pressured me into making a demo about 18 months ago,” Cameron explains. “I had been playing these songs around the fire and he really enjoyed them so he got after me and we set up a recording date in our friend’s bedroom.” This same friend then gave the resulting demo to Cowboy Junkies bassist Alan Anton, who was highly impressed with what he heard and offered encouraging advice to Cameron. “When Alan contacted me, I had a feeling that this could all get a little more serious than I intended.”

That first demo then found its way to music industry veteran Kim Cooke at Pheromone Recordings. Knocked out by what he heard, Cooke reached out to Cameron, eventually signing her to the label. “For someone new to this, Steph has incredible instincts and she knows exactly what she wants,” says Kim. “I think she is a unique character who has already led a fascinating life at a young age, and it is on display in her music.” Cameron reflects that “I had a good amount of time and space between hearing from Alan and meeting Kim. I was able to write a lot of material for the record in that time and was able to digest what was going on. This is all about small steps for me. It is not something I was pursuing or felt driven to do. It is just something that has happened, and we’ll see where I take it.”

Steph Cameron is now gradually surfacing from the underground, but with ideals intact. With Sad-Eyed Lonesome Lady, she is ready to take her eloquent material and compelling voice public on a much wider scale than simply sharing it with friends around the fire or passersby on street corners. For that, we can feel very fortunate.



Indelible: remember this word. It'll pretty much describe the end result of SUPERSTACK music on any listener who is swept into their slipstream. It WILL leave grooves and songs in your mind not easily erased or washed away. Trust me, I've had too many of these stuck in my head since first hearing them to tell you its gonna go down any other way.

The Sudbury-bred, Southern-fed sound of SUPERSTACK verges on a force of nature - powerful, organic, captivating, relentless. Lead singer and guitarist Scott Donnelly, drummer Dusty Campbell and bassist Kyle Dreany have grabbed the essence of 70's soul rock by the throat and breathed new life into it with tracks of potent new juice that'll shoot straight up your spine and wiggle its way down again. Conjure up a musical love child of James Brown, Humble Pie, Grand Funk Railroad, Lynyrd Skynyrd,and The James Gang, and you’ll be on the right track.

The album was produced by the band and recorded in home studios in Toronto and Barrie, ON. Two live-off-the-floor cuts were tracked at the renowned Phase One Studios in Markham by senior Phase engineer Michael Jack (The Trews, Big Sugar, Rush, Bono, Nelly Furtado), who also mixed the entire album.

The SUPERSTACK principle: groove is king. The rhythm section is thunder, unleashing a spectacular, soulful movement in each song ! 

SUPERSTACK is beauty and the beast, finesse and flame, dualities that are embodied in so many great rock bands. Watch for a live show in your area, SUPERSTACK has indelibly arrived!


The Carlines
The Carlines

The Carlines – Victoria, BC

I recollect the course of the Carlines’ formation clearly. I hear drunken sailors shouting hymn’s to the sea and I hear the songs of our high-school days. I recall some hazy details of swimming pool piping, animal themed parties and Mexican law- enforcement bribery. In retrospect, the Carlines’ A–B line appears straight but let me tell you this: The Carlines’ possess a clarity that remembers dissonant moments, misjudged tacks and also cold sunny mornings.

The Carlines are a kid who left on a fishing trip and came home years later with coffee, Indian spices and new sounds. They are your cool uncle who makes spacious yet fun and mature yet light music. The songs are memorable in a way that the last full moon is, or the way you feel waking up on the first day of spring – or maybe the fall – whichever you prefer.

Sjoerd Meyer, Esme John, Mitch Farley and David Parfait make-up the Carlines, all of whom have all played with or alongside Georgia Murray, Mike Edel, Chris Ho and Andrew Allen in venues across Canada and the U.S. – as well as on the aforementioned fishing trip. As individuals they have played in front of thousands, rode the CBC’s festival express-like “Tracks on Tracks” train, and been included in Vancouver’s Peak Performance Project.

It is only important that the Carlines are formed however, and I think the details of their beginnings, middles and ends are best heard as either short stories, long stories or songs – in the evening and by the sea. After all, in their short existence, they have performed at a sold out show at Rifflandia Festival in Victoria, BC and have a new record to be released in 2014.

The Walkervilles
The Walkervilles

If love were a band, it would be The Walkervilles.

The Walkervilles have figured out the recipe, you see. The recipe for making music that touches your soul, slaps it around a bit, caresses it, and leaves it wanting more in the best way. It’s no wonder that they are influenced by the genre of music that is aptly named the same: soul. Throw in heavy influences of Motown and Rock and what you’ve got is the unique ability to make a lover out of a fan. Made of three musicians from Windsor, Ontario, Canada - Pat Robitaille, Mike Hargreaves and Stefan Cvetkovic seamlessly fit together like a sexy bowtie and a perfect-fitting suit. In the sweet heaven height of these songs, you’ll close your eyes and pretend Robitaille’s singing to you, that Hargreaves’ wants you home with him while he writes you a love song, and that Cvetkovic’s drumming his fingertips on your lower back, baby. They’ll push away everything for you.

Until Red
Until Red


If you are going to see Brandon’s “best-looking band” (Liam’s Mom, 2013), you can expect good times and good tunes. The Brandon Sun calls Until Red “one of the best bands in the business – not just Manitoba.” Until Red is a Roots-Rock trio that has logged time at Rockin’ the Fields of Minnedosa, Winnipeg Folk Festival, Brandon Folk Festival, Harvest Sun Festival, and the set of Sony Pictures ‘Heaven Is For Real’. With the help of Murrary Pulver and Don Benedictson, the boys are working towards a Juno Award winning album, fame, fortune, girlfriends, regular meals and freshly washed clothes. Count yourself lucky, because you saw them first!


WillHorse - Southern Rock from the North

WillHorse is a high energy, riff driven, groove rock band with captivating melodies and thrilling harmonies. The band consists of Jeremy Borschneck (vocals, guitar), Branden Winterholt (guitar, vocals), Nick Petrowich (drums, vocals) and Todd Menzies (bass). Their sensual blues-rock sound is mashed up of influences such as The Rolling Stones, The Black Crowes and Steve Earl. This small town BC band has proven to be an exciting live act and is preparing to release their first EP. WillHorse brings old-fashioned southern rock to its modern shores.

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